A legacy of precision and innovation for over 30 years

What We Do

XGD Systems has been involved in the subsurface turf excellence industry for 30+ years. The roots of the company lie in solving complex drainage issues prevalent at historic and iconic ‘push-up’ greens style golf courses where there was a demand for resolution of subsurface soil and water table issues that negatively impact golf course playability, aesthetics, and consistency. XGD Systems developed and perfected a method of preserving oftentimes 100+ year-old, world-renowned golf course greens while also being able to reestablish course playability and consistency in very short timeframes (days as opposed to weeks and months). With a focus on precision, innovation, preservation, and customer service, XGD has gone on to expand its expertise into all areas of golf course subsurface soil and water management including fairways, greens approaches, tee boxes and bunkers. XGD Systems can offer a permanent drainage solution to provide healthier conditions. We will customize a plan that fits your specific site conditions, based on your budget and an assessment from our team.

XGD Systems technologies have proven themselves to be highly effective in all types of turf sports; from baseball, soccer and football sports venues to equestrian facilities and municipal, regional and national parks environments.

Excellence in turf playability no matter what environment is directly linked to the performance and status of the subsurface soil/water relationship. XGD Systems technologies maximize the health and longevity of turf playing surfaces in times of both rain events AND drought.

“Our track record speaks for itself. Some of the most historic courses in the world serve as our best testimonials.”

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